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Applying for an IBAN account in a traditional bank as a company might be time-consuming and unfavorable, but with Genome, you can do that quickly online and as secure, since we are a fully regulated and licensed Electronic Money Institution. All the features you need to run your business, none of the bureaucracy

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"I have been using EMS for more than two years. I have completed transactions from my bank account to several wallets and back. Everything is satisfactory and in record time. Good exchange rate."

Elizabeth Sofia

"EMS is where I can keep my money save. When I need to withdraw, the transaction takes less than 20 minutes."

Amelia Mia

"I love the platform. The simplicity, especially the wide variety of payment methods. I live in Venezuela and find obtaining foreign currency very difficult.. There is noting like EMS."

Charlie Cooper

    Security that never sleeps?

    All user operations are secured with two-factor authentication and access to the mobile app is protected by a passcode or fingerprint login.

    EMS is PCI-DSS certified since 2013 and has a dedicated processing center overseeing all transactions for suspicious activities 24/7.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The International Bank Account Number is a numbering system that allows identifying the beneficiary when it comes to cross-border and international money transfers. It is utilized within the eurozone and by other countries. The length of an IBAN differs, but it can’t contain more than 34 characters. The number contains an ISO code of the country, the check digits, a bank code, a branch/settle code (not always), and an account number. Thus, the characters in your IBAN are generated depending on the indicators listed above. Some websites offer to generate your IBAN based on your country, bank code, and account number. With Genome, you can always look up your IBAN – log in, and check out the account details on the dashboard.
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    It depends on the type of transfer you make. For instance, both SEPA and SWIFT payments require an IBAN or an account number (in case of SWIFT transfers), a BIC code, and the beneficiary’s name. The instant internal transfers also require you to enter the beneficiary's IBAN or their email/phone/account ID. Find out about sending and receiving money on Genome’s money transfers page.
    As was mentioned above, the IBAN consists of many different indicators, one of which is the account number. The account number (usually 10 to 12 characters) is shorter than the IBAN. Another point of differentiation is that the IBAN starts with two letters, that represent the ISO code of the country.

    One account — lots of possibilities

    Issued in the United Kingdom, a virtual bank account is a trusted instrument for your business or daily expenses. Benefit from multi-currency IBAN accounts for the collection and processing of International and SEPA transfers.


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